Aviation Planning and Marketing Programs




The management and staff of Tri-Star Marketing Company have extensive experience and have represented a variety of companies in the transportation and travel industry. The company is based in the Los Angeles area in Huntington Beach, California. The staff includes specialists in economic analysis and forecasting, market development, financial analysis, and management development and training. The key management of the company has provided seminars on strategic planning and has provided instruction in planning and marketing at the Graduate School level at two major California Universities.

The company has been very successful in developing Business Plans, Air Service Market Studies, and recruiting new business and new air service for its airport clients. This is primarily due to the strong airline and aviation background and experience of its staff. This group has started many new airlines and new companies and understands the complexities of creating business and marketing strategies and then implementing them. Listed below are the key staff members who will work on your project.

Frederick R. Davis - President of the Tri-Star Marketing Company. Mr. Davis is a noted air transportation economist and strategic planner. He has been the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Planning for Air Cal, Hawaiian Airlines, and Jet America Airlines. He was responsible for the forecasting and planning for the introduction of air service to sixty-five domestic and international airports and communities. During his airline career, Mr. Davis became professionally acquainted with many of the people that are today managing the domestic and international airlines. Mr. Davis has made presentations and negotiated with the executive staff at almost all of the major U.S. airlines and major European and Asian airlines. During the past eight years, Mr. Davis has developed Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Air Service Surveys, and made airlines presentations for many airports. Mr. Davis will be project leader in developing the Air Service Analysis and making presentations to airport staff, government leaders, various community groups, airlines, and other business enterprises. Mr. Davis holds a MBA, a Masters of Science in Marketing, and a Bachelor of Science in International Business. He has been an instructor at the Graduate School of Business at California State University in the field of Strategic Planning.

Dr. Forrest E. Harding, Ph.D. - Vice President of Tri-Star Marketing Company. He has worked with Mr. Davis since 1972. Dr. Harding is a well-known expert in inter-modal systems development and has created special programs and models in the field of air cargo. His customer service models have been adopted by airlines and aircraft manufacturers. He developed the passenger profile survey and cargo profile survey that has been used by airports to determine market demand for air service. Dr. Harding is a noted air cargo expert. He has provided consulting service to DHL and has been a featured speaker at the International Inter-modal Exposition in Atlanta. Dr. Harding has an extensive background with domestic and international airlines. He also worked as a consultant to McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company in the development of planning models. He has an extensive background in market research. He has performed focus groups, and direct surveys on behalf of various airlines and ad agencies. Dr. Harding has developed and managed Passenger Profile Surveys and Cargo Profile Surveys as part of the business planning process for many airports in the West. Dr. Harding co-authored the book “Passenger Transportation” and has written many articles on successful marketing techniques for transportation companies. He has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level at California State University at Long Beach and at the Peter Drucker Graduate School of Management. He has a Doctorate in Business Administration from Arizona State University, a Masters of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Business.

Other members of our staff have experience in Airline Savers Programs, Advertising and Media Programs, Presentation Programs, and Market Research Programs.

Tri-Star Marketing Company also sub-contracts to other companies providing special services and expertise. The companies include: Sabre Holdings, Inc., HNTB, Hallwood, and Airport Development Group.